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Koa Health’s science-based digital mental health solutions help individuals get the support they need when they need it.

Foundations features self-guided well-being tools. We also offer therapist-guided, cognitive behavioral therapy-based tools for depression and anxiety with our clinical partner (TBC).

Our solutions

Improve your wellbeing

Koa Foundations includes a library of content grounded in science (and designed by experts) to help you deal with topics such as: stress, poor sleep, worry and anxious thoughts, low self-esteem, workplace stress and more.

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Manage anxiety and depression

For users who may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, we've partnered with TBC.

Their accredited therapists provide cognitive behavioural therapy-based programs that enable individuals to better manage their mental health.

Focus on physical health

Whether you need some reassuring advice, want to set up a repeat prescription or just track your health a little better, TBC helps you do all that and more.

What our users say

“My clinical mind likes that it's evidence-based and more interactive than just meditation.”

Koa Foundations user

“It can be tough when battling depression to find enjoyment in anything, but setting concrete goals gives me something to work towards and makes me think about what I actually do enjoy.”

Koa Mindset user

Guided by experts

Designed in collaboration with clinical experts, our solutions offer evidence-based programs to build resilience and skills over time.

All of our solutions are grounded in clinically validated techniques, including Foundations, our self-guided wellbeing program. Our clinician-supervised programs for anxiety and depression are based on CBT, the gold standard for care in anxiety and depressive disorders.